There’s adventure, and then there’s Africa. If you’ve never walked its sweeping plains, witnessed its jaw-dropping wildlife, explored its ancient cultures or camped beneath its star-swept skies, it’s difficult to understand. Africa is what travel is all about. This is a continent that will change you forever. This is adventure, unfiltered.



Ready for a taste of Africa? Prepare yourself for the colour, chaos and exotic perfection of South Africa.



Whether you’re about to take on your first African trip, or are seasoned traveller looking for the world to surprise you in a whole new way, we’ve got the travel style to help you get the very best out of this wonderful land. Whether you want to explore new places or discover something new and authentic, your Botswana experience starts right here.



Travelling to Zimbabwe will colour your world like never before. Explore the Great Zimbabwe ruins and the wonders of the Eastern highlands. Have your mind blown away by one of the seven natural wonders of the world; the amazing Victoria falls known as ‘The smoke that thunders’, meet the locals and sample local cuisine.

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