No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

– Lin Yutang


The word Tefillah is derived from the Hebrew and is often loosely translated as prayer. But Tefillah goes much deeper than simple prayer. It is a toil of the heart, a designated time to take a break from our busy lives and to stop and think. It is a labor of awakening the hidden love within the heart until a state of intimate union with the divine is achieved.

We take great pride in our name for it shapes our core values. We strive to put love in all that we do as we realise that love is the only universal element that translates into good for all. Good for our customers, good for our planet, good for the people we meet whilst globe trotting and good for the company as well.

We pray that as our customers discover the wonders of our planet, they might take time to Tefillah and reconnect with the Divine.



To create a better world by enriching the youth with a cultural experience through educational travel.


To be a product leader in educational travel, helping teachers and students discover the wonders of the world through safe and reliable tour experiences and to give all tourists that travel with us the most beautiful memories of their trip. We are committed to providing a professional service to our customers, ensuring they benefit from our experience, unique style and energy. We aim to make a difference in everything we do.


Tefillah Travel – The best travel agency ever!

As Tefillah Travel our mission is to give you the best possible travel experience so that you may enjoy, to the maximum the trip of a lifetime in all comfort.


  • Passion and love for delighting customers and connecting travelers to the world
  • Integrity in our words and deeds
  • Innovation in everything we do
  • Reliability in our products and services
  • Quality is our daily mindset


We are one of the Best Travel Agency 2019

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